Scientific research

The BalanceBelt has undergone extensive clinical validation, under the guidance of Prof. Dr Herman Kingma of Maastricht University (The Netherlands).

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Peer-reviewed research

Kingma, H., Felipe, L., Gerards, MC. et al. Vibrotactile feedback improves balance and mobility in patients with severe bilateral vestibular loss. Journal of Neurology 266, 19–26 (2019).

In this study, 39 patients with severe Bilateral Vestibular Loss (BVL) tested the BalanceBelt for 2 hours in the hospital. Of these 39 patients, 31 experienced a positive initial effect and subsequently tested the BalanceBelt for 1 month in daily life:

23 out of 31 patients reported an improvement in their Mobility and Balance Score (MBS) of between 60% and 200%.
The average Mobility and Balance Score increased from 4.2 to 7.9.
5 patients started using their bikes again.

An international follow-up study is planned to begin in Q4 2021 at medical centres in Denmark and The Netherlands.

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