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Elitac BalanceBelt BV is the worldwide distributor of the BalanceBelt, a unique ‘wearable’ solution that helps balance disorder patients regain their independence and mobility.

BalanceBelt BV: Our mission

Our mission is simple. We aim to improve the daily lives of people with Bilateral Vestiular Loss or Hypofunction by:
Offering them a unique wearable treatment solution that helps them move around confidently and independently, and do the things they love doing.
Generating a wider awareness of balance disorders and promoting research into these conditions.
Influencing public policy to make treatment options more accessible.

The BalanceBelt was developed in collaboration between Prof. Dr Kingma, Elitac Wearables and the Maastricht University Medical Centre+.

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About Prof. Dr Kingma

As a Professor in Clinical Vestibulology at the Maastricht University Medical Centre+ (The Netherlands), Prof. Dr Kingma treated many patients with vestibular disorders. He developed the BalanceBelt as a substitute to the existing invasive and unsustainable treatments for severe balance disorders.

Prof. Dr Kingma has presented more than 1000 keynote lectures and contributed to more than 150 international peer-reviewed publications in biophysics and medical sciences.

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About Elitac Wearables

Elitac Wearables develops wearables from idea to commercially viable product – and any stage in-between – for the medical and safety domains. We specialise in integrating electronics and textiles, with a particular focus on haptic feedback technology and sensors.

We collaborate with commercial partners (Teijin Smart Safety, TNO, Paulien van Dongen, etc.), medical institutes (Maastricht University Medical Centre+, University Medical Centre Utrecht, etc.) and universities (University of Delft, University of Twente, etc.).

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