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The BalanceBelt

The BalanceBelt is a slim, lightweight belt that helps patients with severe or complete Bilateral Vestibular Loss by providing haptic feedback on body position and balance.

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How does it work?

The BalanceBelt contains several tiny vibration motors and an accelerometer. It senses the direction the wearer is leaning toward and uses vibrations to alert the wearer about his or her body position. The wearer interprets the vibrations subconsciously and is able to correct his or her posture this way.

The result: People with severe or complete Bilateral Vestibular Loss are able to move around freely, without relying on others, walking aids or wheelchairs.

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The BalanceBelt helps BVL / BVH patients:

Regain their confidence and independence

Reduce fatigue and recover mental and physical energy

Resume an active and social lifestyle

Remove the stigma around using a walker, or looking intoxicated when walking

Get back to work

Reduce the need for physical therapy and medication

Who benefits from the BalanceBelt?

The BalanceBelt is intended for people who suffer from balance disorders like Bilateral Vestibular Loss or Hypofunction (BVL / BVH), in which the balance organs in the inner ears function very poorly or not at all.

Bilateral Vestibular Loss (BVL) is a complete loss of vestibular function in both inner ears. Partial damage to vestibular function in both inner ears is called Bilateral Vestibular Hypofunction (BVH).

Clinical trials have shown a significant improvement in the quality of life for people suffering from BVL and BVH. The BalanceBelt may benefit patients with other balance disorders, but additional clinical trials are necessary to investigate this.

What BalanceBelt users are saying

I live an active life again, thanks to the BalanceBelt: I go for 1-2 mile walks most days, without a walker and with a steady gait.

Mr. Van TijenPatient

Because of the BalanceBelt, I’ve regained my independence to a large extent: I am much less reliant on others.

Mrs. ZeegersPatient