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Stable walking for people with
balance problems

BalanceBelt – freedom in every step you take

Stable walking for people with a balance problem

BalanceBelt – freedom in every step you take


The BalanceBelt is a smart belt that helps you to improve your balance during walking and standing


By accurately measuring your body position and giving vibration feedback you learn to keep your balance within hours

For me?

The BalanceBelt is for people with loss of balance function, leading to poor balance and mobility

How does it work?

The BalanceBelt contains several tiny vibration motors. When the BalanceBelt senses that you are starting to lose balance, it will vibrate in the direction of your imbalance. Your brain will quickly  learn to compensate your body based on these tiny vibrations.

The result: if you have severe balance problems, the BalanceBelt enables you to move freely again and look around you, without relying on walking aids.

What can you expect?

  • Stable walking without the need for walking aids
  • Ability to look around when walking
  • Improved independence
  • Reduced risk of falling
  • Ability to walk in dusk or night
Wear BalanceBelt

Who benefits from the BalanceBelt?

The BalanceBelt is intended for people who suffer from balance disorders like Bilateral Vestibular Loss or Hypofunction (BVL / BVH), in which the balance organs in the inner ears function very poorly or not at all.

90% of people with a balance disorder are not diagnosed but suffer from their balance problems daily. They have to walk with crutches or walking canes and in many cases their disorder prevents them from working.

Our simple survey will help you get a better insight in your balance condition.

Photo of Prof. Dr Kingma.
Photo of Prof. Dr Kingma.

Prof. Dr. H. Kingma

Supported by Clinical research

Clinical trials have shown a significant improvement in the quality of life for people suffering from balance disorders like BVL, BVH and PPPD. A study under 39 BVL patients showed the following remarkable results:

  • 31 out of 39 people experienced a positive effect after using the BalanceBelt for only 2 hours.
  • The average Mobility and Balance Score increased from 4.2 to 7.9.
  • Even more surprisingly, 5 people started to use their bike again.

Example: Walking in a corridor

Example: Turn head while walking

Example: Reaching for an Object

Example: Picking Up an Object

Example: Walking in a corridor

Example: Turn head while walking

Example: Reaching for an Object

Example: Picking Up an Object


I have stability problems. Will the BalanceBelt help?

The BalanceBelt works for people that have severe stability problems, and cannot walk or move without aids like crutches, walking frames or wheel chairs. People that have been diagnosed with BVL, HVL or PPPD will likely benefit from the BalanceBelt.

To test if the BalanceBelt works for you we recommend filling in the test form:

Do the test

Can I try the BalanceBelt?

Yes, we encourage people to try the BalanceBelt and see for yourself how it improves your mobility. After filling out the test form we will propose you the options to test the BalanceBelt.

Do the test

How do I get the BalanceBelt?

  1. The first step is to do the test, to see if the BalanceBelt works for you.
  2. We will send you an e-mail with the test results
  3. The email will show also you the options for testing the BalanceBelt
  4. You can order the BalanceBelt online via our website or trough our partners.

How much does the BalanceBelt cost?

The BalanceBelt is currently not reimbursed by insurance.

If you are interested to buy the BalanceBelt, please contact us at [email protected]. We can also support a subscription option for a fixed monthly fee.

Is the BalanceBelt reimbursed by insurance?

At this moment the BalanceBelt is not reimbursed by basic insurance.

Can I work again with the BalanceBelt?

Many people are declared not fit for work after being diagnosed with a balance disorder. The balanceBelt enables you to walk and move without walking aids. Depending on your job you can enjoy your work again.

Is the BalanceBelt available in different sizes?

The BalanceBelt is available in 6 sizes to assure that the belt fits closely and comfortably to your body. You can measure your size with a simple tape measure and select your BalanceBelt:

  • XS: 59 -70 cm
  • S: 67 – 78 cm
  • M: 75-88 cm
  • L: 86 – 99 cm
  • XL: 97 – 111 cm
  • XXL: 105 – 117 cm