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What to expect in the clinic?

In case you have functional balance problems, it can be assessed in a clinic if you are a candidate for BalanceBelt.

You will have several diagnostic tests done including posture and mobility assessment.

At the examination, you will be supervised in how to use BalanceBelt and you typically will loan the belt for a two week home test. At home you usually wear the belt during daily activities in and outside your home.

After the home test, you will visit the clinic again and they will assess the improvements you have made in posture and mobility.



What does the belt do?


BalanceBelt is a lightweight belt worn around the waist to support the body’s ability to detect joint movements, body position and muscle activity. The BalanceBelt detects how the body is moving and uses vibration feedback to support the body to correct position, so you maintain balance.

When your body is leaning in one direction because of loss of balance, the vibration motors are activated in that position. Your body will interpret the feedback automatically and correct the position back to center of gravity. The stimulation is perceived by the brain as balance input.

During the use of BalanceBelt you can expect improvements to continue to some degree as your mobility, posture and muscle strength is improved.

The course of adaptation varies from person to person