EUR 3,950 (incl. VAT)

BalanceBelt for people with moderate to severe balance problems.

  • Helps you to walk without walking aids like canes or walking frames
  • Can be worn under your cloths, invisible for others
  • Automatically detects when you sit or stand still
  • Works a full day on one single charge; charge overnight
  • Comes with 2 year full warranty
  • Can be rented for a €125 per month (please inquire here)


How does it work?

The BalanceBelt contains several tiny vibration motors. When the BalanceBelt senses that you are starting to fall, it will vibrate in the falling direction. Your brain will quickly  learn to compensate based on these tiny vibrations.

The result: if you have severe balance problems the BalanceBelt makes you move around freely again, without relying on others, walking aids or wheelchairs.


  • Stable walking without the need for walking aids
  • Ability to look around when walking
  • Improved independence
  • Reduced risk of falling
  • Ability to walk in dusk or night

Additional information


'Extra small (59 – 70 cm)', 'Small ('67 – 78 cm), 'Medium (75 – 88 cm)', 'Large (86 – 99 cm)', 'Extra large (97 111 cm)', 'XXL (105-117 cm)'