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Balance disorders affect millions of individuals worldwide, impacting quality of life and mobility. The BalanceBelt is a unique solution which helps people who suffer from severe vestibular loss such as Bilateral Vestibular Loss, poorly compensated Unilateral Vestibular Loss and in some cases Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness.

We are proud to announce the
BalanceBelt with Auto Calibration

The BalanceBelt, developed by Professor Herman Kingma and Elitac BalanceBelt, is a cutting-edge wearable device designed to assist individuals with severe balance disorders. The inclusion of Auto Calibration supports seamless use in daily life.

BalanceBelt with Auto Calibration continuously monitors movements and automatically adjusts its support level in real-time, providing optimal balance assistance for users:

  • support stable walking without the need for walking aids
  • increases ability to look around when walking
  • improves independence and mobility, allowing an active and independent life
  • reduces the risk of falling
  • improves ability to walk in poor lighting

Feel BalanceBelt with auto calibration yourself