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Mrs Carmen Lajusticia Martinez (80) has suffered from a degenerative balance disorder for 20 years. She’s been wearing the BalanceBelt for just over nine months. We asked her about her experience living with a balance disorder and what effect the BalanceBelt has had on her daily life.

Can you please tell us something about your background?
I’ve had balance issues for over 20 years now. During an annual check-up at my GP’s, they noticed my balance wasn’t quite as it should be. But I was still younger and it wasn’t as severe or constant. It would come and go.

I was officially diagnosed in a hospital in Madrid in 2007. They told me I had a balance disorder (Bilateral Vestibular Loss) and there wasn’t any treatment or medication available at the time.

How did the balance disorder affect your daily life?
By 2018, my condition had become much more severe. I had completely lost my confidence when walking and become afraid of leaving the house. Especially the thought of going down stairs or escalators was terrifying. I used elevators whenever I could, but sometimes it just wasn’t possible.

I’ve always loved going to the cinema and theatre, but now, as soon as the movie or performance ended, I started worrying about having to go down the stairs.

How did you hear about the BalanceBelt?
The hospital where they diagnosed me called me and said they finally had a treatment option available for balance disorders. They thought the BalanceBelt could help improve my confidence when walking. So they gave me the belt and said “Try it out for a couple of hours, walk around and see how it feels”.

Did you stay in the hospital?
No, I went outside, walked around the streets for two hours. I remember it so well, I turned to my husband and said, “You know, even after wearing it for only two hours, I feel much more confident moving around!”.

I turned to my husband and said, “You know, even after wearing it for only two hours, I feel much more confident moving around!”

So you purchased the belt and have been using it ever since. Does it still help you feel more confident?
Yes, absolutely! I feel much more confident, I don’t have to keep watching the floor when I move. Before, I was always watching the floor, I was afraid to lift my head and look around! It’s also really easy to use, to turn on and off.

I’m still a little scared of walking down stairs, though. But I guess that’s normal at my age!

Many thanks for talking to us, Mrs Carmen Lajusticia Martinez!