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BalanceBelt stories

The BalanceBelt has helped patients worldwide regain their mobility and independence.

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Living with a balance disorder

People affected by Bilateral Vestibular Loss or Hypofunction feel off balance while standing or walking, especially on uneven surfaces and in the dark. When they move their heads quickly, they often experience blurry vision, which can drain their energy. The overall result is that they start feeling unsafe and insecure when moving around on their own.

Previously, no sustainable or non-invasive treatment options were available. This meant that BVL / BVH patients would become dependent on others for moving around. And worse still, they would often lose the ability to do the things they loved doing: working, walking, cycling, visiting friends, travelling, shopping and so on.

Thanks to the BalanceBelt, this no longer needs to be the case. The stories below are from people who have used the BalanceBelt to take back control of their balance and their lives.


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